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Welcome to Pickwicks!

Fun in the Taunus

Pickwicks is a social club, founded in 1976, open to anyone who speaks English.

We meet in Frankfurt every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. (see details below).

Pickwicks Oberursel, our Hochtaunus Branch, meet every Tuesday from 7:30 p.m. at ‘Mac Gowan’s Irish Pub’ (see details below).

We offer a wide range of activities to suit a variety of tastes:

  • Theatre and concert trips
  • Gallery and museum visits
  • Sports outings (cycling, swimming, hiking, bowling)
  • Disco evenings
  • Sightseeing trips, both in and outside of Germany

But some of our most popular evenings are spent in local restaurants just eating and drinking.

Do I have to be a native speaker?

Absolutely not. The Pickwicks community includes people from all over the world. But you will need to have a good command of English to keep up with the conversation.

Who belongs to Pickwicks,
and what are they like?

There are about 60 of us at present, but the overall community numbers well over 100. Most of us work in the Frankfurt area in a variety of professions, including translating, teaching, IT or finance. Our attendees come from many different nationalities. A few of us have been members since the club was founded, others are here studying or on short -term contracts bringing them to Germany for the very first time.

Do I need to become a member?

Not necessarily. Some of the events such as theatre trips offer a subsidy for members, so it pays to join if you are staying long term. The annual membership fee is € 15.

Membership also entitles you to detailed information about forthcoming events, although our Yahoo mailing list is free.

What happens at the Wednesday and Tuesday sessions?

We meet for a drink and a chat.

There is usually a fair amount of information being passed around about forthcoming events. Sign-up for events occurs at the Wednesday and Tuesday sessions as we prefer people not to turn up at events unannounced.

But the main purpose of these evenings is just to relax and speak English.

Where does this happen?

In Frankfurt:

Every first Wednesday of the month, from 7:30 pm on, at:

Cucina delle Grazie *
in the ‘Haus am Dom’
Domplatz 3
60311 Frankfurt

(Town centre)

Car park: Parkhaus ‘Römer’ *
Public transport: ‘Dom/Römer’ (U4/5) or ‘Hauptwache’ (U1/2/3/8, S1–6,9)



Every last Wednesday of the month, from 7:30 pm on, at:

Weinstube im Römer *
in the ‘Römer’ (City Hall)
Römerberg 19
60313 Frankfurt

(Town centre)

Car park: Parkhaus ‘Römer’ *
Public transport: ‘Dom/Römer’ (U4/5) or ‘Hauptwache’ (U1/2/3/8, S1–6,9)



All other Wednesdays, from 7:30 pm on, at:

Arche Nova *
Kasseler Straße 1a
60486 Frankfurt

(Bockenheim, next to Westbahnhof station, in the Ökohaus Arche*)

Ample parking outside
Public transport: ‘Westbahnhof’ (S3/4/5/6, Bus 36)



In Oberursel:

Every Tuesday , from 7:30 pm on, at:

Mac Gowan’s
Irish Pub

Adenauerallee 22
61440 Oberursel

Public transport: ‘Oberursel’
(U3, S5) plus a short walk



In good weather we will sit outside.
(If you can't find us, just ask the staff.)

How do I start?

Just come along.
If you want to let someone know you are coming, go to the Contact Page.

Xmas Party 2003


* indicates links to websites in German